Mechatronic or Electronic Engineer for Industrial Technology


You are a perfect fit, because

  • motor electrics and control (for example induction motor control, Y-delta connection, variable frequency bug fixing) is your hobbyhorse.
  • you are familiar with sensor connections and functions, as well as maintenance, readouts and bug fixing.
  • Home electronics – from lighting to plugs to laying cables – is your bread and butter
  • You know how assembly and circuitry should work according to the relevant standards.

In other words:
actuators, sensors and electronics work flawlessly when you’re around.

You have many good qualities. Perfect for us.

  • You have completed an internship as a mechatronic or electrical engineer for industrial technology.
  • You are able to gather experience in this field.
  • You are comfortable with specialised electrical knowledge, as well as the basics of machine control.
  • You know how drive, measurement and control systems work.
  • You are a skilled craftsman
  • You work well in a team, as well as independently.

You are part of our team. This means that you can rely on us.

If you are looking for a flat or accommodation, we are happy to offer our support. Just talk to us, and we can help you further.

We need you. We look forward to your application.

It really is very simple. Either send your application via email or grab your phone and call us on +49 (0) 2225 9204-10

We are the dressler Group.

A strong group of the internationally active service providers Godding + Dressler GmbH, Linus GmbH, Micro Powder System GmbH and Dressler Group Customer Service GmbH. Our field of work: grinding for the chemical industry. Our mission: innovative production technology and an unparalleled product quality. It is exactly this that our customers have valued for almost the past 40 years.

This job advert has been written by the Dressler Group Customer Service GmbH.

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